Monday, October 19, 2015

God cannot create something other than Himself.

God cannot hide from Himself the fact that He is God.

The former destroys Western Dualism; the latter destroys Eastern Non-Dualism.

Since the two 'axioms' cancel each other out, I am free from both 'East' and 'West'.

What this does is to clear a space [between 'East' and 'West' with Israel at the center-- the mean point where meaning is] in order for the Flash of inspiration (the Ruach haKodesh-- the spirit located at the 'Center' / the mean / Israel /Jerusalem/ the Temple) to occur.

ADDENDUM:  I am writing this on 7-1-17.  I just noticed that about 10 years ago (7-11-07) I made the final blog entry to my last blog.  Since above is my first blog entry in eight and a half years and it picks up -- subject-wise-- where I left off, I decided to place it here.

"There are only three philosophical positions that I can conceive of taking: Monotheism, pantheism, or agnosticism.
Monotheism, which is the position I've chosen, is [logically] impossible since there cannot be anything other than God.  It does however respond to man's need for an Other.
Pantheism is [logically] 'true', but there is no Other in it.
Agnosticism finds both of these positions objectionable.  It refuses to assume oneness with the All (pantheism) and get tagged as 'It' (i.e. God) or worship an Other (Monotheism) who cannot [logically] exist."