Wednesday, May 17, 2017

On Dealing With the 'Hard' Jewish Laws:

"Observing [the rituals] has to be rooted in each individual Jews' ABILITY rather than in her WILL.  Only that Jew who is capable of hearing the divine voice of revelation speaking and commanding through a particular law or practice could relate to such a law or practice as an integral, meaningful part of his Jewish life rather than as an obsolete ritual demanding rigid, rote obedience."  (Franz Rosenzweig)

On the Hard Questions We Ask About God and the Tora:

"God purposely conceals His true purpose.  In fact, He must occasionally mislead man.  If everything were clear, men would be automatons, and those least free, most timid and fearful, would be the most "pious".  But evidently God wants only the free to be His.  He must make it difficult, nay impossible to understand His actions, so as to give man the opportunity truly to believe.... So there remains nothing for God but to tempt man, even to deceive him."* (Franz Rosenzweig)

* yes, the Tora is historical fiction; and yes, it must be this way

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