Sunday, June 25, 2017

The role of prophet is only to bring Israel back to the Tora (i.e. mitsva observance); which is the same as saying back to holiness and communion with God.
Let me succinctly illustrate this 'trinity' of God, holiness, and mitsva observance.
The only way sinful man can commune with a holy God is through standards that were given to us by the Creator Himself; like when He says "Be holy, as I am holy" (Lev.20:26).
And -- of course -- the way to this 'holiness' is through observance of the mitsvahs.*

* Jewish law, or Halakha, is the collective body of the 613 commandments or mitsvahs from the Tora from a PRACTITIONARY (i.e. how we apply the mitsvahs in the Tora) perspective.

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